Preventive Health Services

Mother and Child health program , Family Planning and Birthing Center , Immunization , Health Education, Community awareness program, Mobile clinics, Traditional Medicine.

Community based development programs in different village development committee

Training and research programs in close cooperation with Kathmandu University and selected medical institution in and out of Nepal.

Plan establishment of small health posts and strengthen & co-operate with existing health posts in surrounding area

Introduce Health Insurance Scheme

Act as a referral center for surrounding community

[Curative Services]

Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Internal Medicine, General Practice, Invasive and noninvasive investigations e.g. Radiology, Ultrasound, Laboratory, ECG etc, Pharmacy, Emergency Services, etc.

[Existing Situation]

The Hospital is running with 32 staffs and providing the following services

outpatient services in general;
reproductive health services including family planning, immunization and birthing centre;
rasound, health education
inpatient service
general and gynecology surgery
health education
emergency service and ambulance vehicle service laboratory, radiology, ultrasound, pharmacy patient medical records & analysis for further planning library for the staff
community health post support programme-Baluwa health post Biological waste water treatment plant

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