Dhulikhel Hospital 1997-1999

December 09, 1996: Inaugurated by their Majesties, the King and Queen of Nepal.
January, 1998: Licensed as 50 bed hospital by His Majesty's Government-Ministry of Health Inspection Team.

1998(July): Outpatients-31,004: Admissions-2,830: Surgeries-539(Major/Minor)

Health Services

OutPatiend Clinics, including Maternal and Child Health, Family Planning, and Immunization Program.

Diagnostic: Laboratory, Radiology, Echo & Electrocardiography, Ultrasound, Endoscopy

Therapeutic: Pharmacy, Day Surgeries & procedures.



Buildings: Main hospital building, Garage, Guard house and public toilet.
Kitchen facility for staff, patients and their families.
Laundry. Industrial washing machines, dryer and ironing machines.
Maintenance workshop.
Generator house.
School classrooms.

In progress: On call staff quarters.

Water Supply: 2 - 20 thousand liters tank (hospital) 1-70 thousand liters tank (off site)
50-60 thousand liters intake from city supply, under construction.

Power Supply: 70KW Generator.


. Dhulikhel Hospital, together with the community and Kathmandu University will work towards creating the Municipality of Dhulikhel, through its initiatives, as Nepal's model community in the pursuit of excellence in the Environment, in Education and in Health.
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