Future Challenges

Dhulikhel Hospital will continue to provide services which are directed to those individuals and issues representing the greatest health needs in the community. It will ensure its services are coordinated across interdisciplinary service providers. Dhulikhel Hospital will collaborate with community organizations to ensure its services are continuous and complimentary.

Dhulikhel Hospital plans to become a University Teaching Hospital in collaboration with Kathmandu University by the year 2001. To meet this challenge, Dhulikhel Hospital plans to develop its manpower through advance professional training. In addition, Dhulikhel Hospital plans to expand its bed capacity and enhance its clinical and ancillary services

To ensure adequate supply of qualified staff in the future, the hospital plans to establish the Dhulikhel Medical Institute wherein the hospital will train health care workers. The Centre's courses will be credited by Kathmandu University.

Building structures urgently needed include the following:

Dhulikhel Hospital recognizes the need to address the issue of its sustainability and future financial viability. Cost estimates of expansion and concomitant operating budgets, the identification of future funding sources, as well as income generation opportunities are continually assessed, monitored and evaluated.

The hospital, together with the community and Kathmandu University, will work towards creating the Municipality of Dhulikhel, through its initiatives, as Nepal's model community in the pursuit of excellence in the Environment, in Education and in Health.

Dhulikhel Hospital with the ongoing support of its friends and staff will become the preferred provider of quality health services in Nepal.

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Updated on September, 1999
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