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Tokai Schoolnet is a teachers' group to introduce and utilize internet in primary and secondary education in Japan. It was founded in 1994. Since then, one of the group's activity is to establish a good relationship with Asian people by the use of internet. In 1995 Mr.Kageto of Seiryo Commercial High School met Dr.Ram at Dhulikhel Hospital in Nepal. He was moved by the high philosopy and the activity of his hospital to provide better health services in local people. In 1996 Mr.Naoto Kurimoto at Taki High School, Mr.Noto Kondo at Shukutoku High School and Mr.Makoto Kageto visited Dhulikhel Hospital and donated 4 personal computers and telephone. In 1997 Mr.Kurimoto, Mr.Tohru Okuyama at Toyohashi University of Technology and Ms Masako Furui at Nakamura High School visited the hospital and was asked to publish the hospital home page on the server of Tokai Schoolnet. Dr.Koju of the hospital kept contact with Masako Furui and others via e-mail.

Masako Furui edited the hospital's first home page in the fall of 1997. It was not updated for a long time, but via e-mail Dr.Koju sent new image files and documents to update the home pages in the summer of 1999.

Now the second edition of Dhulikel Hospital was edited in September, 1999. It is on the server of Schoolnet. Tokai Schoolnet members are happy to use the technology to show the activities of the hospital to people in the world.

The way of editing is not beautiful and efficient. The size of the image files should be minimized to reduce the burden on the net. Sorry for the incovinience.

Masako Furui, Tokai Schoolnet in Japan

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Updated on September, 1999
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