The Evaluation Criterions for Summer School in Kathmandu

(The following standard is evaluated by the step from 3 to 5 according to the number with item.)


[0] Participation Attitude

0-1 Record of attendance

              - The member participates without doing an absence.

When absent because of the situation, it is necessary to contact always.

0-2 Conation to the class

              - The student follows the support of the teacher.

Specifically, it doesn't hinder the performing of a class.


[1] Japanese Speech Contest (Using presentation software of English)

1-1 Pronunciation

        - The pronunciation can be understood as Japanese.

1-2 Vocabulary

              - It is using a word to express an idea actively.

1-3 Understanding

              - It understands the contents to be talking about and there is power

 which the audience consents to.

[2] Web Page Contest (Using web page of English)

2-1 Structure

- The structure of the document is clear with the HTML.

2-2 Story

              - The story is spreading out order well and is arguing about the theme neatly.

2-3 Design

              - A text and a graphics and so on are balance well arranged.

The color and the size of the object, too, are considered.

2-4 Technology

              - Using the feature of the HTML, the percentage of completion of Web Page is rising.

[3] Presentation Contest (Using presentation software of English)

3-1 Representations

3-1-1 Loud and Clear

- The size of the voice is suitable.@The pronunciation is clear.

3-1-2 Purpose and Intention   

- The purpose and the intention why to express the theme are being cleared.

3-1-3 Performance

- The way of talking and the motion draw the feelings of the audience.

3-1-4 Persuade-ability

        - There are confidence and zest in the releasing and there is power which does

  an audience in the persuade-ability.

    3-1-5 Impression

         - There are good impression and appearance for audience as a whole.

3-2 Creativeness

3-2-1 Template and Originality

- When the template is based, originality is shown.

3-2-2 Material and Device

        - It uses an appropriate material and it is doing a wide range of devices.


When you will be selected as the best student,

l              at the world EXPO ( Sep. 24th ) you will make a speech in English for 10 minutes – 15 minutes.

l              at the visiting school, you will make a speech in Japanese for 5 minutes.