healthy food in nepal

Chattamari is a delicious type of nepali food, which is prepared and mostly eaten by newars.As it is a traditional food of newari people,it is specially prepared in festivals and ceremonies.This food contains large amount of ingredients.This food is for non-vegetarians because it contains meat.It is available in most of the hotels and restaurant of Nepal,so if you haven't tasted it please do have chattamari once .It is tastier as well as healthier dish food of "NEPAL".You will love it. We can prepare it at home too.It needs the following things.

-Rice flour paste
-1 cup rice flour
-1/3cup lentil paste
-1/6 teaspoon salt

-150gm ground turkey or pork or mixture of both
-1/4 cup chopped onion
-1/4 cup green peas
-1 tablespoon garlic
-1/2 tablespoon ginger
-1 teaspoon oil
-salt to taste

-1 damp cloth
-1flat pan

rice flour and lentil paste
-lentil paste:soak black lentil in water over night. remove black coating with water.
-mix lentil paste with rice flour to make a thin paste.

-mix everething well

-heat the flat pan in medium fire.
-put the paste on the pan in a rolling action making as thin as possible.
-put the topping on this paste.
-cook until the paste is ready and serve out.
-use the damp cloth to wipe out any burnt left behind.
-repeat the process to make another chattamari.