Healthy food in Nepal

Message: Sel-roti is a nepali sweet. It is common among the newars. It is made up of rice flour and pure ghee.So,it is said to be nutritious.
It is easy to prepare and delicious in taste. To make it ,first rice flour,sugar and water are mixed to make a batter.Then , with a round figure , it is fried in a shallowpan.
It is extra tasty when taken with aloo achar(chilly potato salad)
It is said that in the past ,as there were not many nepali sweets, sel-roti became famous.
We nepalese have sel-roti during festivals such as tihar and ceremonial functions such as weddings.
Nepalese women make sel-roti during tihar and serve it to their brothers.This is a way of showing their love for their brothers.
In the villages of Nepal,people have this sweet in different functions. We can see people selling sel-roti in different shops in Nepal.

Message: Mualpa is a nepali sweet and it is famous all over Nepal.
The way to make mualpa is similar to sel-roti.The ingrediants are wheat flour,sugar,water and oil.
It is taken during different occassions while worshipping our Gods and Goddesses.
Many nepalese open up shops and sell mualpa .
Please, do try and have these Nepali sweets.