Healthy food in Nepal

Yomari is a typical type of newari food.It is prepared in the festival "Dhanya Purnima" that falls in mangsir.It is a very sweet dish that has chaku (sweet brown colored dish) and sesame in the interior part which is covered by rice flour. It is prepared in the same way as we prepare momo. It is also made in the occasions like birthday, janku (celebration in which people of 84 years old are worshipped) etc.
Bara is a distinctive Newari food which is round in shape and is a vegetarian food. But nowadays people have made it a non-vegetarian food as well. Various species like salt, turmeric, ginger, grinded pulse etc are added for its preparation. During a festival "Kumar Sasthi", they prepare six types of Bara made from pulses of gram, lentil, peas, mugi, rahar and mas (various types of pulse).
It is a sweet Newari dish which is circular in shape. It is prepared by mixing sugar in wheat flour and frying in ghee. It is compulsorily needed when one gets married.