Healthy food in Nepal
Name: Yomari


Yomari(rice dumpling)is one of the most popular Newari food items in Nepal.This rather strange yet interesting food, received it's name from the festive day of Yomari Punhe which falls in the month of Mangshir-Poush.Since this day is of great importance to the Newar community the food too holds a special place in the Newari culture.

This food is generally prepared during the winter season as the contents used in this food (like ghee,"chaku","khuwa"etc) provide heat to the body and help escape the cold.The preparation of Yomari is also considered essential during special occassions and festivals (like during Lakshmi puja,Mha puja , Bhai tika in Tihar;Maghesakranti;Yomari Punhe etc).Also the Newar people have a tradition of preparing yomari to celebrate the 2nd,4th and the 6th birthdays of young boys and girls.At such times the children are worshipped and are provided with a garland made of Yomari.So we can say that this food itself speaks a lot about the Newari culture.


Yomari is basically made from rice flour,but unlike other type of breads, the flour has to be kneaded with hot water.After the dough has been is carefully moulded into different shapes(like those resembling the "gajur"of temples,dolls etc) and laced with ghee.Then the dough is stuffed with fillings like "chaku"(caramel),"khuwa" or"kurauni"and sometimes even with lentil paste,spices etc .Finally the dumpling is cooked in steam in a special vessel called Pautasi.

Health Contents
Yomari is a highly energy giving food .It can be called a complete meal itself because it is quite filling and can be taken alone .Some of it's mineral contents is shown as follows.
Rice flour
lentil paste
iron and phosphorus
protein and calcium

So from this we can be clear that this mouth tantalizing and interesting Newari delicacy is not only a mean to satisfy our appetite but it is also a healthy representative of one of the distinct Nepalese culture itself.

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