Name :- Kheer (Rice Pudding)

Nepal, a small nation situated in the lap of Himalayas is gifted with cultural diversity. There are uncountable communities stretching from Mechi to Mahakali having their own culture, traditions, costumes and ofcourse, their own cuisine. I have selected one of the most typical dish of a very famous community of Nepal, the Brahim/Chettri community.

* * KHEER * *

Ingredients :
~ Rice and Milk [ ratio of 2 litre milk : 1 cup of rice ]
~ Luwang and Alaichi powder for taste
~ Sugar as desired
~ Unsalted fried cashews(kaju)
~ Coconut(Nariwal) pieces for extra taste
~ One or two Bay Leaves (Tej Patta) for flavour

Preparation :
~ Mix rice with ghee before few hours of preparing the dish
~ At the time of preparing, first boil milk as per the ratio
~ Put the rice in the milk, add luwang and ailaichi's powder, Bay Leaves(Tej Patta) and sugar
~ Keep on boiling and stirring in low heat until it starts thickening
~ When it is about to be cooked, add fried cashews (kaju) and coconut pieces
~ When cooked properly, take the kheer out and serve it either hot or frozen as per the taste of the person

Serving :
Kheer is mainly served as desert in the parties or in gathering but during holy rituals like
pujas this is taken as the main item for food. When used as main item, Kheer can be served along with pickled or some curry for better taste.

Religious importance :
~ This is an inseperable part of food in the Nepalese death anniversary puja.
~ This is prepared in every religious pujas performed at our homes.
~ This is prepared as a main item in the ladies' festival of Teej as dhar.
~ Nepalese believe that it is a must to take Kheer on the 15 th of Shrawan every year.

This dish usually has sweet taste because of the excessive use of sugar. So whenever we say kheer we remember it for its sweetness.

Though this is a typical dish of Brahmin and Chhetri community, Kheer has rapidly gained popularity in other communities as well because of its extra ordinary taste. Kheer itself is delicious but it tastes' even better when it is cooked with care and served with love.
The End