Healthy Food In Nepal


This is one of the main item of Nepalese food .Mostly peole use this vegetable in winter season.
It contains vitamin A and vitamin C +13% Calcium which makes our bones stronger and eyes healthy

Necessary ingredients:
Necessary uttensils:
Cooking Process:

  • First wash the leaves of the mustard greens throughly so that no germs could remain there and it would be safe and healthy to use.Now cut them into pieces.
  • Take a pan and pour oil in it.Add fenugreek and parsley in the oil until it turns brownish in colour.
  • When it becomes slight reddish in colour ,add mustard greens.Put some salt according to taste and stir it.
  • While stirring, water comes out from the mustard greens.We should wait until the water dries and stir it gently.
  • the quantity of salt should be kept according to the quantity of green leaves because the quantity of green leaves decrease.Keeping this in mind we should taste green leaves before adding ginger paste and salt
    It can be eaten with rice and bread .By this process other leafy vegetables can also be prepared. Yahoo