Healthy food in Nepal

Dhedo is the typical Nepali food which is most popular in the remote areas of Nepal but now a days it is loosing its origin.It is very delicious but people think that it is eaten only by the poor people which is not true. It is healthy since it is contained with enough carbohydrates and protein and is not so much oily.

For cooking Dhedo firstly we should put water on the Nepali dish called"karai" and add a spoon of ghee for flavour and then heat the water. After the water boils add some flour and let it boil for some time and stir it. Go on adding the flour and stir it properly and cover it for sometimes. After covering it for two or three minutes stir it untill the flour is cooked well. It will be a bit hard and changes into yellowish in colour. Than the cooking process will be completed but we should be sure that the flour doesn't stick on the dish. We can serve it with hotchicken, fried potato and curd. I am sure it will give the real taste of Nepali food.