Healthy Food In Nepal

Although Nepal is a small nation it is rich in culture religion. Due to this Nepal is well known in all over the country.All the religion have their own tradition, customes,belief as well as their food items.And today among all these i have choose about food item.So the name of the food item is Rajma Curry.

- Oil
- Salt
- Chilli powder
- Methi
- Jira powder
- Ginger,Garlic(chopped)
- Turmeric
- Onion,Tomato(chopped)
- Corriender

Process of cooking....
- wet it for whole night
- next day, wash it once and boil it for 10 min
- after 4-5 min take it out
- then heat the oil in the next pot
- put some methi, chilli and other ingredients
- fry some onion and tomato
- then put the rajma beans and fry for some time
- then put some water and cook it for some time
- after few min rajma is ready.
After all these process serve this hot in a bowl. You can have this with any other food items.
Yummy.. It is good for every one and very tasty tooo.