Healthy food in Nepal


Nepal, which is known as the land of beauty, the land that's so rich in culture and it's diversity is no doubtful rich in varities of food too. For my this particular topic which is 'Healthy food in Nepal' I've decided to work on "Kwati" a newari food which is famous among the Newari community.

It's a delecious soup made of nine different sprouted beans.These 9 different types of beans include kidney beans, soya bean, green peas, dries peas, dries french beans, grams and pulses and many more. It's taken mainly once a year on the ocassion of "Janai Purnima" a Hindu festival which falls during the month of Shrawn, where Hindus and Bhramins tie a sacred thread around their wrist inorder to protect themselves from evil. People during this festival take kwati to clear their abdomen and free themselves from indigestion.

We know that beans are the store house of energy without which our body fails to carry out any functions.So, it plays an important role in human body.It's a mixture of both taste and minerals and liked by all age groups wheather it's a teenage or a child or an old granny sitting in her nice warm swinging couch.It provides us with varous types of amino acids like - valine, arginine etc. Sprouts are also an excellent source of bio-avaiable minerals and trace elements.

Although calcium plays a major role in strengthing our body Kawati too has a minor role in it.It helps us to strength our bones, provide better eyesight and sharpens our brain which is a very positive point form the view of learning age groups.Since it has so many positive sides of it and not to forget delecious in taste why to regret it by not tasting it at all? So those of u who haven't got this lovely change to taste Kwati what are you wating for? Your mouth I'm sure is waiting for it's taste to get mixed with your taste buds.So, don't forget to taste it once.