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Yomari cakes-a newari sweet dish

Yomari Punhi -meaning full moon of yomari-one of the popular Newar festivals is observed every year during the full moon of December.A yomari is a confection of rice-flour (from the new harvest)dough shaped like fig and filled with brown cane sugar and sesame seeds, which is then steamed. This delicacy is the chief item on the menu during the post-harvest celebration of Yomari Punhi. On this full moon day, people of the Kathmandu Valley offer worship to Annapurna, the goddess of grains, for the rice harvest. Groups of kids go neighborhood to beg yomari cakes from housewives in the evening. Sacred masked dances are performed in the villages of Hari Siddhi and Thecho at the southern end of the Valley to mark the festival. The Newars, upon munching a mouthful of yomari, a sweet dish, await the end of their four days of devotion of god, following which they will be blessed with wealth, according to their belief. The people prepare yomaris, in the form of gods and goddesses such as Kumar, Ganesh, Laxmi and Kuber. In keeping with the culture, parents bless children from two to twelve years who are then offered yomaris. The children on the other hand perform the customary song and dance and ask for food and other gifts from the elders during the festival. The festival is said to have started from panchal nagar(present day Panauti). Myth has it that Suchandra and Krita, a married couple, first experimented with fresh yield of rice from their field. And what took shape turned out came to be known as yomari

Ingredients :
- Rice flour
- Hot water
- Sweet
- Sesame(til)
- Molasses(chaku)
- Khuwa
-dried fruits(coconut,nuts,kismis)etc
- Mix rice flour with hot water and make dough(soft+hard).
- Shape it like as shown in picture but make sure that it is hollow.
- Fill it with mixture of sweet, sesame(til) and molasses (chaku)or khuwa, then close the hole.
- Steam it for 20 min.
- Now it ready to serve.

protiens from seaame and khuwa
carbohydrates from rice and sugarcane

Fouk song of this festival
yamari chue mutumari chue chagu buisa mahya buie nyagu bue sa kya bue.tye singh tye baga singh tya thabla yagu yamari chagu tya. bue sa layasa mabue sa sitikuti.
Give me a yamari or a mutumari.if you give me one then you will give birth to daughter or if you us two then you will give birth to son so give me a yamari of this year.if you give us than you are the most gorgious & butiful woman if you don't then you are the most poorest.

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