Healthy Food in Nepal
Name: Chatamari & O (Newari Pizza)

    One of the outstanding edibles that are prepared by the community of Newars are O & Chatamari.O is round like O.Chtamari is also round as O but bigger in size than O.O is prepared from the black lentils while Chatamari is prepared of fresh rice powder.Chatamari is also regarded as Newari Pizza as there are many toppings in pizza it is same in Chatamari too.

    Method of Preparation

    The black lentils are kept wet in the water for overnight.The outer skin is separated and the inner one is grinded with the help of grinder.The thick gravy preparation become good for making O.A little bit of salt ,garlic ,asafobia,ginger etc are added as a flaovouring agent.Then the iron pan is heated and oil is spreaded over the pan then O is prepared.O is known as BARA in Nepali.     Similarly,Chatamari is prepared from the rice powder.Rice powder is kept wet with hot boiled water and a little ghee or butter is added so as to make it soft.The wet rice powder is pressed by the human hands for about 10 minutes.The solid mass of rice powder is then made thin like liquid adding some water again.Then iron pan or stone pan is heated .Once the pan is hot,ghee is spreaded over the pan and the gravy rice powder is spreaded in round shape.Then the pan is covered by Kapan -an earthen cover for abaout 1-2 minutes and chatamari is ready.

    Special day for Chatamari and O.

    O & Chatamari both are combination to one another .They are prepared and served simultanosly.O & Chatamari are the special dish of the Newari culture.In various Newari ceremonies O &chatamari are used.During the festivals too they are used.The special day for O-chatamari is known as "Siddhi Nakha".

Types of O & Chatamari

O and Chatamari are made in different ways.There types are based on the toppings and fillings.Minced meat(kima),egg etc are added as toppings and fillings in on O whereas O ,egg.vegetables,minced meat(kima),eggetc are added to Chatamari.

Why is O & Chatamari healthy?

    It is healthy dish as it is prepared from the scientific methods and techniques.The scientific methods and preparation itself make it healthy.It turns to be hygenic because it is prepared in an iron pan.IRon pan Helps to add iron on them.It is prepared by a special method and serve fresh and warm so it is healthy as well as hygenic.It is also a seasonal dish.